Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The New fridge-sized 100% Canadian Dairy


 Presenting IOGO: the easiest way to have your Canadian dairy (farm)...and eat it too.
When I first saw advertisements for IOGO they were large billboards, white backgrounds with a Holstein cow on it, and two black circles over her head (when over the first 'o' in IOGO it is called an umlaut). These began cropping up in Vancouver city and I was getting a little curious. Why a billboard of a just Holstein cow? And those two dots? It was more than a little mysterious.
That was the first time IOGO got my attention and little did I know that a name so foreign was exceptionally close to home.
Soon products, all in the dairy section of the grocery store, namely yogurts (Probio, Greko, Nomad and Nano, to name a few) with the bold, black IOGO lettering on the container were sitting snugly on the shelves like they had always belonged there.
Then, the other day at the fair, I came across IOGO once again, and joined the winding line that wrapped around the side of their venue--it resemble a sort of igloo, waiting to get inside and see what this product was all about.
Inching our way closer, and spying people leaving the with cups yogurt (food!) the line pressed eagerly forward and that is when I spotted the sign. It listed all the yogurt variations that the IOGO reps were giving out, from the Greek to drinkable (that is what I tried and it was dee-licious) and five other types in-between, but what really caught my attention was that I was on that sign.
And so were my Dad, Mom, my brothers, our neighbours, some family friends. We were all on that sign and people were waiting in a long line because of us.
Pretty cool, hey?
Here is why I can claim to being on a sign about yogurt, as can my parents, and our farming friends, neighbours and relatives. It is because, underneath IOGO's trademark bold lettering it read:
Owned by Canadian Dairy Farmers.
The milk that makes up IOGO yogurt? It came off our farm, and our neighbours farm, and their neighbours farm. Over 5,000 dairy farms in Canada supplied the very milk that makes up 100% Canadian IOGO product. That's another cool fact.
The yogurt was a tasty treat, and even though we can't all be farmers (or even all want to be farmers) we can support, home grown food.
And as much as I like the 100 Mile Diet, I love the 100% Canadian diet.

P.S The F-Bombs Blog is going to be purposefully shaken up (hey, just like my drinkable yogurt in this post). I am in the process of making some changes and have 99.9% decided to use this blog and change the format, instead of beginning a whole new blog. There are a great number of posts that I love and don't want to leave behind and I am not a two-blogs type of girl. I'll continue messages notifying about the imminent switch (the name is changing too) but much of the content will stay the same. As always, I will keep you posted and thanks for reading!