Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Day at the Fair

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) always launches in mid-August and draws thousands through its gates until the end of this Labour Day long weekend. We put together our day packs and joined the fair going masses as has been tradition for years.
The first attraction of the day was the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. The venue was filled shoulder to shoulder as the Mounties, wearing the identifiable red serge, galloped, cantered and trotted in choreographed patterns to music. It was, as it is called, a fantastic Musical Ride. Not to mention that the two British Columbians of the all-Canadian (but from other provinces) team received well deserved hometown cheers.

A Belted Galloway. I think our Holsteins are a little jealous of their black and white markings.

Since it is impossible to get a fill of animals (even if we work with them on a daily basis) we toured the Agri Barn. There were milking demonstrations, the infamous pig races, chickens, rabbits, horses, bees, a garden center, antique tractors and so much more. The wonderful thing about the Agri Barn is that farmers are not only showing and telling you what they do, but they let you get a (literal) feel for it. Calves can be petted, rabbits stroked, tractors sat on, cows milked.
It is a very open, barn door policy.
The other senses are not left behind. We tasted different cheeses from a demonstration booth and munched on the savoury mini donuts. If we wanted ideas on how to work off all that fair food the Peeking Acrobats are a good inspiration. However, the leaping (gracefully) through hoops, balancing umpteen spinning plates and climbing a single, towering stack of chairs balanced on top of four, glass pop bottles made us sweat a little more than planned. Thankfully, the PNE has its summer concert series that you can't help but dance along too. And boy, did we ever.
Happy September First!
Upcoming Blog: A Cool (yes, that kind of cool) Post About Yogurt. Also, an insider's tip on how you can bring a 100% Canadian dairy farm into your home (without the neighbours ever knowing!)
Stay tuned.