Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Rocky Mountain Picture Show

Banff, our road trip destination, is a tourist village nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It is everything you would hope to experience in a touristy place: cute buildings, stores, plenty of places to eat and drink, soaring and sweeping natural vistas. It also has the flip side to any travelling hot spot: plenty of gawking tourists (us included), teeming restaurants and sidewalks and not many budget friendly prices to be found.
However, our wallets were not hit too hard because we got to see the best of Banff with the best. Our friend Becca, a Banffite for four months, took us around to all the sights and, working at a museum during her stay, was wonderfully knowledgeable. In other words we had a museum interpreter at our side for a full two days.
It's okay, I would be jealous too.
We walked the regal lobby and marble staircases of the Banff Springs Hotel, but was able to crash at her place for the price of washing dishes. The staff at the Banff Spring seemed friendly enough, but I don't know where else you could swing a deal like that.
We went on the obligatory hike (Banff is all about being outdoorsy) and found ourselves winding closer to the Rockies then we could have ever hoped. I got a little tongue tied and short of breath (although the latter may have been because of the physical hiking).
Wednesday morning Becca had work, and we had our own jobs to get back too so we parted with hugs and promised "see you soon." She comes back home at the end of this month.
As we drove up and out of Banff, our jaws dropped once again at the sight of the Rockies and we took another round of pictures. We were as bad as pesky paparazzi but the Rocky Mountains appear to be use to this by now. They didn't even blink.

Actually, come to think of it, their features were a little stony...