Sunday, 25 August 2013

Heads Up, Seven Up

Lucky was born awhile ago but I knew I could not pass up sharing a photo of Lucky's lucky number seven.
On our farm we have never seen a marking so accurate to the real thing. And fancy. Over the years we have had a handful of different spots--some resemble a heart, others take the shape of a police or fireman's badge, or a pizza slice.
Then there are the calves that have more of a white face and spots around their eyes that make it appear like they wear eyeliner, or wore eyeliner and then had a good cry (and it wasn't water proof).
Some have eyelashes that are the opposite colour, others nearly have the same markings (but never exact) to another cow in the barn. Some noses are black, some peachy pink, and others speckled.
Hopefully, my above explanation helps justify how, when farmers are looking out on a herd of their Holsteins you'll hear them refer to a specific cow as "you know, the more white one," or "she is next to that black one." Sure, from afar they all are black and white, but some are more so, some are less so and some, like Lucky, are undeniably identifiable.
Wishing you good luck for the coming week!