Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hallelujah, Hats!

Unbeknownst to readers of this blog (due to a general lack of photographic evidence), I am a hat lover.

A millinery maven.
My collection isn't large, twelve wearable hats in total, but never decreases in size, let's put it that way.
After what was recorded as the sunniest July in our local history the beginning of August took that rather coolly, literally. Our first few days were welcomed cloud cover, and yesterday our first full day of rain in a loonngg time. A few puddles formed, the surface of the ground was wet (even though the layers underneath remained as dry and dusty as a desert). 

This delightful drizzle meant that I could bolster my summer wardrobe. Yesterday was the perfect reason to change out of my summer uniform of shorts, sandals and light, cotton tops into something a little bolder: pants, boots, a sweater, summer scarf and hat!
I do have summer hats, eight out of the twelve to be exact, but sometimes I find hats a little too hot to be wearing in temperatures twenty five and above. This cool start to August meant I could dust off my felt Trilby which is one of my favourites; I like how it sits, but the brim is wide enough to keep rain off the glasses (also unbeknownst to readers of this blog getting rain on my glasses is a pet peeve of mine...although I know there are worse things out there).
So, hats off to a lovely August. The cool and sunny days alike!

Trilby: Urban Planet
Scarf: Ten Thousand Villages
Sweater: Thrifted (see an outfit remix here)
Jeans: Levi
Boots: The Shoe Warehouse
Shoulder Bag: Billabong