Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Change is in the Wind

After one friend went off to Banff for the summer (and is returning in three weeks), I have another friend leaving in three weeks with her husband and is becoming a permanent resident of Ontario.
Her moving has spurred a little reminiscing on my part so here is a short little story about how we came to be friends:
I had always wanted to work in retail (the idea of racks and racks of clothes makes me swoon) and the idea itself seemed perfect...until the day before when I dropped by the store to get my employee package. 
I believe it is called getting cold feet. They went from numb to frost bitten in the mere thirty seconds it took me to walk across the length of the store.
I became hyper-aware of the need to make sales, of ringing in a transaction (that cash register proved to be an endless battle for me) and that you cannot fold a sweater any which way.
These may be small fears but that day they were seemingly ginormous and I was beginning to doubt if I, a farm girl, could really do this. On the farm I am learning new things daily, but I have also been doing some of the same things for the past fifteen years. This was all new. Like being in a foreign country with the wrong phrase book, or no book at all.
As I stood at the desk wondering if it wouldn't be too late to cordially tell my manager "thanks but no thanks, I'm not really cut out for this retail thing", there was a sales associate finishing a sale and looking all professional in her work attire. Looking the part, I realized was also something few can do when in a foreign country. I gulped and prepared to run but halted when she came over and said with genuine, warm enthusiasm (and a shy 'raise the roof' hand pump):
"So, you're from a farm too?"
A wave of relief! She was also from a farm and worked in retail. It can be done! However, on my first day things went from good to great as we discovered that we only lived fifteen minutes from each other. We inevitably became close friends.
That is my happy ending to my friendship story.
My friend and her husband are travelling across the country by the end of August but this isn't an end, but a happy, new beginning for them. Their next chapter. And Ontario is going to be two, wonderful people richer come September. That also deserves a 'raise the roof.'