Thursday, 18 July 2013

Having High Hopes

They arrived in a box much smaller than I anticipated. I tentatively sliced open the packing tape with scissors to reveal an even smaller, tightly rolled bag inside. 

Had I gotten the wrong size?

Photography skills courtesy Mom

They looked tiny.
I unfurled them with great care, and watched, in apprehension, as they took shape before my eyes. The legs unrolled, the waist band expanded and like unfolding a piece of origami, instead of holding a minutely constructed figurine I held a pair of jean capris that appeared to be my size.
Now what about fit?
I unsnapped the side closure with care and pulled them up...waaayyyy up, and that's how I knew I had found a winner. The capris rested happily at my natural waist (locked and loaded as I like to put it) and hit my calve at the most flattering place. Sometimes I find, at least on me, where the cuff of a capris ends can make our break how they flatter your shape. And of course I must pay my respects to the high-waist of these capris, my original reason for purchasing them. They are ideal to tuck tops into but look just as well untucked and need I mention that they are a summer staple?
I had high hopes for these pants and naturally they rose right up and met them!

Collar Top: Denver Hayes
Capris: Modcloth
Shoes: Keds
Sunglasses: found at any drugstore near you!

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