Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Colour Cure

I was meeting a friend in Fort Langley for dinner and the weather was absolutely wonderful which called for some bright colours to pay homage to an even brighter sun.
I pulled together some of my favourite colourful accessories and, using my crisp white blouse as a canvass, allowed them to "pop" all they wanted. The unique thing is, that with both bold accessories, I remember, like it was yesterday, when and where I bought them.
I felt like I was back in New York wandering crowded Canal Street with my Mom sleuthing out some good deals for my school wardrobe (and possibly for the bragging rights of: "oh this little thing? You like it? I got it in New York...")
We came upon the store Steps. The distinguishing characteristic of many New York businesses, including Steps, is that they have high windows and are long and narrow dating back to their garment factory years. The high windows guaranteed as much natural light as possible for the sewers inside and the narrow shops accommodated the long clothing racks. For that time it was an excellent fit.
Pun intended.
I recall rifling through a round rack of colourful jeans, blue and cherry red, but not finding a size that fit comfortably. I ended up purchasing my electric blue beaded necklace and a purple faux snakeskin bracelet (that is exactly as tacky as it reads). I took a business card along, a slate grey one with a beige butterfly on it, flitting towards the topmost corner. It is long lost by now.  
All that occurred six years ago. Not bad when yesterday's lunch escapes me.
Other details of New York resemble that of a blurry mental photograph and sadly that is the case with some more trips. But I think I have found the problem and the cure: I clearly wasn't shopping and buying enough colourful clothing. Looks like my future travel budget will need to be doubled.
I'm glad the solution is black and white.