Sunday, 9 June 2013

Allergies in Bloom

This past week I have had red, swollen eyes, a blotchy swelled up nose that is running like a leaky faucet and, between you and me, it's not dripping water.

I have become a faithful follower of the tissue box, showing my respects by the minute and then chucking it the length of the room in frustration when I swipe the last tissue, drawing up in my hand like a wisp of white smoke, and revealing the barren cardboard bottom. This sends me fleeing through the house in search of anything absorbent because the way its going these days a single tissue isn't enough.

 What's the cause?

Am I run down with a cold? Recovering from a bad breakup?

 All similar symptoms sure enough, but instead I am suffering a full on attack by Mother Nature and, looking around I see I am not the only P.O.W (Prisoners of the Weather). There are fellow snivellers, eye itchers, and sneezers around. The t.v. commercials (especially on the weather network) advertise the cure-all tablet for instant allergy relief. We are nearly a nation. 

I try my very best to not take the above, but as of late my allegiance has been equally divided between the tissues and Claritin Clear. It has helped but we P.O.W's are being attacked on all sides. Throw into the mix living and working on a farm and you have enough dust, hay (fever), pollen and an endless assortment of animal fuzz to tickle your nose until September.
It has not been fun, and June so far seems to be the worst of the worst but I will try my best to soldier on, dispiritedly chanting "itch, sneeze, snivel, repeat!" and remember what they say after a bad breakup: each month it gets easier so, Mother Nature, I am going to hold you to it.