Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Tale of Tuning-In

The radio of my Jeep hasn't worked for over a year now.

One day, after an errands run the music that had carried me into town deflated from the speakers like a balloon. So, like any caring car owner, I figured the Jeep may just be going through "a phase" and didn't get too upset. And what did I get for my compassionate nature? The silence treatment.

For a year.

When I decided to get a new car deck for the Jeep I went to the store and found that my original budget was going to double. The cheaper model I wanted was not in-stock, and they could do (and advised to do) installation which I signed up for but came with a fee. I was still determinedly decided to get the radio fixed but needed to shuffle around some funds and put the deck on hold. Leaving the store I returned to the Jeep and instead hearing the engine come to life I was first met by a crisp, clear country song wafting through the speakers.

Music to my ears!

I am not techie enough to say why the radio started working (or maybe it was more a psychological thing which would have required a psy car itrist) but I have a functioning radio so no questions asked. A year of involuntary silence meant that I had to go "sound searching" for something to fill the void. I revisited CD's (since the player still worked) and discovered a bevvy of artists that I was never aware of. So now, after a year of musical experimentation, my radio has twice the workout; I now venture beyond my original selective stations and am sampling the whole musical spectrum.

Which brings me to my final point: Dairy Month. Having a month dedicated to dairy gives us the opportunity to "tune in" as it were. A local paper had a five page special on agriculture and farming in the community which I read and learnt a few things. Here are a few, fast facts:
  • 95% of all farms in Canada are family owned (including ours!)
  • The only thing added to your milk is Vitamin A and D
  • The average weight of one cow is equal to eight men
I am not insisting you memorise the above, but if you do, there is a theory that music can help some people to better remember (and we know it helps cows milk) so I would like to present one of the hottest bands around. Their song "I'm Farming and I Grow It" has gone off the pop charts and practically jumped over the moon.

So go ahead, and tune into Dairy Month.

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