Saturday, 1 June 2013

30 Days of Dairy (and counting)

We have a World Milk Day (June 1st) but for anyone who may have missed out, don't cry over spilt milk because you have the entire month to catch up: June is Dairy Month!

So how can you celebrate and part take?

Here are some ideas:

How about trying a new artisan speciality cheese from your local grocery store, enjoying ice cream as a main course or embracing the 'slow food' trend and take a leisurely, self-guided  Circle Farm Tour through the countryside?

However you decide to spend your month, I have some country mooooosic to accompany your agricultural adventure. 

This Dairy Month keep your appetite ready for dairy delights, eyes peeled for new agricultural sights and ears tuned for weekly musical bytes, all on F-Bombs.
Song of the week:

The catchy (and oh so cute) "Farm it Maybe" sung by Little Fred. If you haven't heard of him yet it is probably because he was out in the barn.