Saturday, 18 May 2013

Something Smells Fishy

I use to clam up when seafood was served, maybe I was just too pickerel but now I love (most) seafood and finish my plate to the last crumb--just like an angle(fish).

This picture is of Uptown Tuna Melts which melted my heart because it was so delicious (and quick!). The tuna is jammed packed with yogurt, cheese, any herbs you can get your hands on (mine was parsley) and cucumber. All layered atop a slice of bakery-style bread.
A topping of cheese, broil in the oven for a mere five minutes and dinner is served!
In the theme of seafood and eating I have a story that happened on our recent cruise:
Being first time cruisers Mom and I had packed a dress and heels to wear because we had been told that there is usually a dressy night aboard the boat. A few nights in, the concierge was encouraging us to make reservations at one of the restaurants because they were serving lobster and steak that evening. The one and only time lobster would be gracing our plates. This was an opportunity we could not pass up! 
We slipped on our heels, shimmied into our dresses and enjoyed the lovely dinner although we noticed that fellow diners were not especially dressed up. Lo' and behold, a few nights later when we were at sea for two full days and they had a 'Night Out' which encouraged guests to dress up and be dapper.
I guess we missed the boat on that one. Instead, we went black-tie for lobster, but I suppose, if you were to get fancy for anything, why not it be in the name of food?
Want to try out the recipe? Click here to get the delicious details and some extra tips and maybe this will turn out so fine it will require a dress and a tie--they are called Uptown Tuna Melts after all.