Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sleepy Sundays

I spy four furry siblings having a 'cat nap.'
Sundays on the farm are purposefully kept quiet. We try not to do fieldwork and, between mandatory morning and evening chores take a break to rest and relax which may mean rooting around in the garden, or meeting a friend for a leisurely coffee.
Whatever is restful and calming.
Usually, on a Sunday our living room couches are on Napping Rotation as someone finds their way to the soft cushions and under a warm blanket and snoozes an hour away. If the weather approves a comfortable, shady spot outside may also be added to the Resting Roster.
Today was a grey, wet day and so we kept mostly inside but, meandering through the barn, I snapped a few other photos of other Sunday Snoozers, enjoying the quiet of a Sunday and the coziness of a hay bale.
Have a restful day. 
Faithful Farm Dog NOT sleeping on the job