Thursday, 30 May 2013

Love is in the Details

I was thinking of the best way to go about this post because, in all honesty the photo of my complete outfit just wasn't doing it for me and, not wanting to scare the young readers, I decided against showing a headless, cropped Kaitlyn. 
The two photos I did love, however, are the ones showing the details of my outfit.

The contrasting faux snakeskin clutch against the feminine cream lace of my dress. The pink hue paired with the stark black and white.
The neutral metallic of my flats against the punchy yellow of the dandelion.

I wore this outfit to my cousin's wedding at the end of April and there were so many personal touches which made the wedding "theirs," that I want to share some of them:
The location was, instead of a traditional church, a rustic chalet in the misty green hills of Coquitlam.
The processional song that was sung as the newly wedded bride and groom walked down the aisle was a joyful and boisterous "Happy Birthday" because it was, in the groom's own words his "best birthday ever!"

The wedding favours were delicately wrapped bags of trail mix encouraging us to "nourish the seeds of love, cherish the nuttiness and savour the chocolate moments."

Instead of a wedding cake there was a table brimming with an assortment of home baked pies which would satisfy any dessert devotee and for the sentimentalist? They were baked with love by family.
There is so much more to an outfit than the overall photo. What exudes personality can be the angle of a hat, the pairing of a jacket, the colour of a bracelet.

On a similar note, I don't think its just the "I do" that confirms a marriage, but it is the kiss, the hand holding, the happy smiles, in other words the details, which show how very much in love my cousin and her husband are.