Sunday, 5 May 2013

Little Bow Peep

Cuffing my jeans was a good fit since it was a lovely, warm May evening when I wore this out. My "Bow Peep" blouse has both bows (and polka dots) and sheer sleeves and back--that's the 'peep' part. This sheerness will be welcomed as the temperature rises and we delve into summer. 
The event I went to this weekend, in this outfit, was to my friend Becca's "Farewell (For now) Barebeque." A get-together before she hops over the Rockies and settles in Banff for a summer job.
It was a bitter sweet evening because of course we are happy that Becca got the job, sad to see her go, happy for a reason to road trip, and sad not to be able to hang out in a matter of minutes. But that is change isn't it? Always bittersweet. And I think my friends and I are realizing it. Right now its summer jobs taking friends to different provinces, eventually work might transfer us to different cities and our own traveling adventures will take us to other countries and it won't always be easy to come back for monthly visits. Sometimes impossible. But it will make those moments when we can get-together all the sweeter. 
There is change in the wind, but I don't mind too much, since the wind blows the clouds away and reveals an endless blue sky for smooth sailing. Farewell (for now) Becca!