Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Inspector Cruiseau

I have returned to the keyboard after a week holiday, which consequently meant a week off from blogging (because of the cost to get internet connection, not due to a lack of activity). There was plenty of lounging, sleeping and eating (that's the definition of vacation, right?) but there was also sightseeing!
My mom and I went on our very first cruise and mother-daughter trip--I think by age 50 and 20 it's about time, right? We disembarked at Los Angeles and visited San Francisco, Astoria, Victoria, Nanaimo and arrived, back on Vancouver home turf, today.
It was a lovely trip, with plenty of luxurious extras and a good number of pictures. We sailed with Norwegian which was pretty "freestyle" in cruising and was jam packed with onboard activities from cooking classes to...well, let's just say that this blogger officially knows all the dance steps to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

I have had the luck of visiting San Francisco only a year ago. The weather, on both counts has been sun and sun--I hear the weather record can get a little foggy at times... The picture above is of the renowned Golden Gate bridge and our boat cruised right underneath! It was so close that I had to duck in order to keep my hat on. 
Victoria was a sightseers dream with the Hotel Empress, parliament buildings and seawall walk but instead I will share this photo of a downtown Victoria barber shop. There was a pie shop conveniently across the way where we sat to rest our feet and I thought the name was amusing. Of course in actuality the ship sailed nicely under the Golden Gate and there was only a bookstore across from the barber shop--keep calm and please read on.
Right off the boat and around the Seawall
Nanaimo sweetened everyone up by offering their dessert namesake as we disembarked. And it was pure fun to arrive in Vancouver at the Canada Place terminal with its identifiable five sails. After disembarking we rode our bikes, brought in by Dad (our picker-upper), around the Stanley Park Seawall. We peddled the paved path that loops leisurely around ginormous trees (and runs through the base of a lighthouse!) and we watched the waves of the Pacific lapping rhythmically against the wall, only a few metres below from our tires.  

I derived the very cheesy 'Inspector Cruiseau' title (maybe I have been out at sea a few days too many...) from my new Michael by Michael Kors trench that I purchased (at a deal) for this cruise, but I figure it will be gracing a good many other outfit photos in the future. It is water repellent, warm, has a hood and is the most designer thing to grace my closet hangers to date which I admittedly am excited about. But it was a deal.
And writing about deals my lovely Aunt who has her own travel agency booked this trip (and found me a smashing one) which is much appreciated--and has hopefully just earned me some lovely-niece-brownie-points for mentioning and linking. Check out her website, contact her, she is always happy to plan your next adventure. 
Are you a never-ever noncruiser? First time or regular cruiser? What have your favourite ports of call been? Any advice? Share, share away!
Take care :)