Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Field of Dreams

  Remember when I shared some dirt with you back in April? Well, that story sprouted and spread all through the field...

...and became so thick and had grown so much it wasn't a dirty story anymore, it was not even seedy one but had turned completely clean and green! 

This is the exact same field, that a mere 35 days ago was just acres of dirt and now, voila, renewed and ready to be cut. It still boggles my mind even though I was there from Seeding Day One.
Gosh, they just grow up so fast, don't they?
I am glad to share some farming pride and joy with you because planting and cropping can be weather roulette and sometimes the mark is hit and sometimes it is missed and that can hurt us and the pocket book. Especially, with flood warnings on horizon, some fields are already being snuffed out by overflowing water, it is nice when something turns out right.
Hear that? That's us farmers patting ourselves on the back (and maybe some encouraging moos from the barn).