Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sisterhood of the Hand-me-down Pants

These are my absolute favourite pair of jeans. They use to be my second favourite, runners up to a brown pair but unfortunately they reached an untimely demise that involved confusing dish soap with dishwasher detergent in order to remove a stain. Ah youth and the curse of buttered movie theatre popcorn.
On the bright side (which said brown pair became very bright and white after some unintentional, spotty bleaching) these lovely greenies moved up a hanger. Ironically, they had been residing in my closet for a very long time as they were hand-me-downs but when I had come across/been given them I wasn't so crazy about the style (or my style wasn't so crazy, yet).
But as of the last three years they have been a denim dream. I love that they have a high waist, are slightly cropped and their forest green shade. Admittedly, they are a smidge on the large size but nothing a belt cannot cinch in and maybe some future tailoring. 
The Pick-a-Pocket Denim Backpack (as I've dubbed it) is a thrifted piece, or call it second hand. I scooped it during my time in Vancouver at Used House of Vintage . This has consequently become my favourite backpack although it had no competition or backroom bleaching to make it number one.
It has deep pouches and pockets, hidden zippers and is made from a recycled pair of jeans. It is so spacious that it rivals Mary Poppins' carpet bag. But instead of stowing lamps and coat racks it usually holds books, or an umbrella, or nearly all my shopping bags from the day--and that's quite a feat.
So there you are, a tribute post to my two most appreciated pair of pants, and remember, when wearing a hand-me-down, it never matters that its second hand, if its number one to you. 
Photography skills with thanks to Mom