Sunday, 28 April 2013

Not Sweating It

Hmm, there may be a need for a coat rack.

When we are out for morning chores it is around 4'c but two hours later, under a clear blue sky, we can quickly be around eight degrees (and they say its snowing in other parts of the country, pluh-eez).
Factor in all our layers for the chilly morning and physical activity and we are peeling off clothes faster than a hot yoga class. 
On this particular morning I squeezed my vest through the handle of the door, my sweater an hour later and by the end of chores it was a family affair. But, it was only eight degrees. What are we going to do when temperatures soar into the thirties?  
We may need to string up a clothesline during the summer months and maybe build a temporary change room...
Hope you got some sunshine this Sunday!