Thursday, 4 April 2013

Meals on Wheels

During these Spring and Summer months farmers tend to visit the fields more than their friends (not particularly by choice) and eat-out more than in. Eating out rarely means French fries because a tractor (with some implement attached) tends to have a difficult time getting into the drive thru. Instead, it means making breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner packable and taking it out to the field.

Bailey stopping to take her boxed lunch!

We use the grass as our picnic blanket, sometimes a tractor wheel as a seat, any  flat surface on our equipment as a table. We need to be innovative to make things work and aren't too picky when it means taking a break from behind the wheel.

I think on our farm the person who needs to have the greatest flexibility and ingenuity is the Head Chef, Mom. She might be making a sit down meal only to find out someone is out in the field and suddenly a soup and sandwich needs to be wrapped up and transported without missing a beat or spilling a drop.
Lunches boxed, labeled and ready for transport.

It isn't always easy and rarely convenient.

This week we were  prepping some seed beds at one of the off farm properties and this marked the first, of many, meals-to-go. Mom had made a lovely lunch and with some texting to the respective tractor drivers tweaked each meal so every one got what they wanted.

I was on delivery that day and we loaded up the carefully boxed lunches. I drove to the property, trekked across the freshly seeded field and hand delivered lunch to the happy recipients. That's pretty fast food if you ask me and top-notch service.

Of course, I have yet to inform everyone that if this service is expected for the rest of the season some tipping is in order.

Safe travels and I hope all your meals make it safely!

These smiles testify good service (and great food!)