Sunday, 7 April 2013

About being a sourpuss...

Photo courtesy of Bailey
...or at least Unger will be one if he doesn't wipe that milk off his face before it spoils!
Since today is Sunday, I decided to have a lighter post--especially after wrestling with one about the reseeding of our fields. I tried that idea three different times using different formats and choosing different photos but nothing really worked--which made me indifferent. 
But today wasn't an exclusive day all to its own. More often that I'd like to admit I have those days when I just can't seem to get anything right. My outfit. A job. Something written. This blog.  Whatever little nuance arises I sometimes give-in to it and consequently (but not without my allowance) my entire day goes through the wringer. So I brew and I stew and nothing improves until I do a miraculous thing: I let go.
A great solution is when I busy myself with some other activity (like Dad says, if you can't sleep there are always chores to do in the barn...) I pull myself away from the issue at hand and find a new solution. Or in the very least gain some perspective.
So today, after too many attempts I got plain frustrated and gave up. But I came back a few hours later and lo' and behold here is a post. The sky won't be falling. All I apparently needed (other than a few hours away) was a change of topic...but do keep your eyes on the ready for a future post about reseeding.
Therefore the moral of my story is don't cry over spilt milk, and should it spill, turn it into sour cream.