Wednesday, 6 March 2013

When the farmer is away...

...the cows will play! We have had some interesting shenanigans on the farm as of late--it would seem that the cows are partying even when the farmers are home.

Wait a minute...aren't you a little big for that pen? 

This photo is of new mom Mani and her baby calf Eric who is about one week old. On our farm we have nursery pens that are at the front of the barn for close monitoring of new born calves and the moms. It is our mooternity ward (sorry, could not help myself).
Unfortunately, Eric had been feeling under the weather and so we erected a temporary pen in the corner where mom could moo and fawn over him but we could make sure he is actually drinking his milk. Like babies with breast milk, udder milk is a new born calf's only sustenance for the first few weeks (babies are months). This colostrum, which is initial milk the mom carries during the pregnancy and after birth is rich with antibodies. Shall we equate it to a protein shake? 
All in all this plan worked until Mani decided she was jealous of Eric's extra attention. In the wee hours of the morning she nibbled through the ropes that kept the pen closed, ushered out Eric and (literally) became his stand-in. Dad noticed the swap out and snapped evidence on his phone. If you ask me Eric looks surprised about being booted out by his own mom and Mani is downright disappointed that she won't be getting bottle fed this morning. Shucks. Sometimes life just isn't fair!
What predicaments have your pets gotten into? With all the animals that live on the farm we always have someone getting caught up in something or squeezing into someplace two sizes too small. Of course we help them get out--after taking a picture, that is. Happy Wednesday!