Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Viva la difference

The two pictures above where taken about three hours apart. In a mere 180 minutes I ended up in lovely Fort Langley, ran my errands and then happened to saunter past Roxanns Hats : my piece of hat heaven on earth.
Should you, upon entering this boutique, be blinded by its pearly brightness grab onto a holy rail (to steady yourself) and the friendly clerk inside who will outfit you with a lovely sunhat (summer stock is in!) to shade you against the light.
I wasn't exactly perusing for summer stock. I have six straw hats in various styles and counting but was, just maybe, looking for something.
A felt cap, with its sale ticket wagging in the wind like a hand beckoning me closer, caught my eye. I didn't want to move too fast but after a quick look in the store mirror and the sales woman exclaiming a good match I decided to bring the cap home and introduce it to my other hats.
You may call this speed shopping, but I'm not worried, if this infatuation only lasts for a few months I have sunhats to check out.
But as of right now, I like how we go together!