Sunday, 17 March 2013

Still Stalling?

This post is a continuation of Wet Weather Means A Stall, Mate . Please check it out to avoid any spoilers!

My photo-journal continued:

No mini cement truck here! This is the delivery of layer #2.

Perfectly smooth cement that we laboured for hours to get it just so. Not like anyone made a quick hand stamp while backs were turned. And not like it was done in quick setting, permanent cement, either. 

The purpose of the cement is so the rubber mattresses adhere to it and keep the shavings from sneaking under and causing the same problems as before.

Mattresses placed and for the shavings (or do I say sheets?)

Looks like our new stalls are all the rage...or all the calm. Our Holsteins are enjoying their level (not lumpy!) four layer beds.

What an active week! It has left us pretty exhausted but the good news is that I am more than happy to go sleep my unmade bed, on my single mattress that's a little uneven...on second thought maybe I'll stall for a few more hours...