Sunday, 31 March 2013

In like a lion, out like the Easter bunny?

Photography skills courtesy of Adam

This picture truly testifies the saying that March comes in like a lion out like a lamb. It was taken in early March and the dual rainbows are breathtaking--all after a torrential rainstorm that is.
We regularly spend Easter Sunday at my Grandpa's and it was a very fulfilling afternoon: the house was full with aunts, uncles, cousins and even a dog this year. Our plates were full of stuffing, turkey, ham, yams, carrots, potatoes and salads. And the late afternoon was filled up with activities.
Our post-meal adventures involve a traditional Easter egg hunt where all the adults are drawn outside to watch, laugh with (or at?) their very adult children going around the yard with bags scooping up chocolate eggs. Fortunately we have also gotten wiser as we get older: by now we are more than happy to whisper: "hey...check out the tree over there--think I saw something you might want" or literally put respective chocolates in each others bags (our eggs are labelled). 
There was a time, a number of years back, when it was a big deal to get all the eggs possible. Although I don't remember this exactly we have photographic evidence to prove it: us cousins were doing the annual egg hunt when one of the adults noticed that someone had literally found a hole in the system. My cousin was tagging along behind his brother and readily scooping up the chocolates that were, like Hansel's breadcrumbs, trickling out from the hole in his brother's basket and leaving a trail. I believe his regular chocolate count doubled that year. Isn't that what we all need siblings for? 
So, if you count seems oddly low this Easter double check your basket. And speaking of counting, in a few days Mom turns 50! We are responsible for supplying dessert so we brought three cakes to celebrate her birthday. 
The cakes were from the Fort Bakery and the place card stuck on top was creatively mastered by yours truly with some coloured card stock and fancy cutting scissors.
I will leave one minute for awe over my artistic achievement.
My favourite part, other than the cake itself, was the little tag line we added which reads:
Celebrating 44 years... (plus Hst!)
I hope you had an eggtastic Easter and please comment below and tell me what you got up. What are your special Easter traditions?