Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crossing my t's and polka dotting my i's

Red trench coat? Check. Dark-wash skinny jeans. Check. Large enough purse to hold camera and notepad. Got it. Green tank with dressy metallic stitching? Yes. Faux tweed blazer to look business-like. Check. With polka dot lining? Of course! 
Calm? Uhhh...let me double check...
These outfit pictures were done last Thursday when I ventured into the field (...but off farm, go figure) to report on an annual general meeting of a young farmers organization. Time to put my dream of writing to the test (or is it printing press?) This was the first time I have ever reported on something that wasn't school related and where, instead of representing myself I was going on behalf of an actual paper!
The joy! The nerves! The sweat! (Anti-perspirant? Check.)
It went exceptionally well--and its inspiring to see men and woman my age passionate about farming!
It was a lot to take in, especially for a beginner, but something that I do for extra confidence is I plan my outfit out ahead of time. If I feel great about what I'm wearing that means I will venture out of my comfort zone (like asking for a group shot of the newly elected board) because I'm not second guessing my flats, or worrying about my top because if I don't like it...And even if my heart is pounding, which it was for most of the night, I know its beating up against the polka dot lining of my blazer, and I feel myself stand a little straighter and get that group picture. 
When I got home and I rifled back through my notebook I realised that I had enough pages of scribbles to make up an article but I had not quite gotten all the names correct and missed some altogether.
Today, I just came back from a meeting with the owners (and the heart and soul) of the paper where my piece is destined to be printed and they assured me that they could help sort out the names. (And we covered a million other things, but one post at a time...)
So even if I crossed all my t's, it is lovely to have someone check it over and dot the i's.
And thanks to my "i-dotter" of this post Mom, for her photography skills. Happy Thursday!