Sunday, 3 March 2013

About the P Bomb...

I love those days when you can ask yourself: if I could do anything today what would I do? But instead of just thinking about it, actually doing it! It's like that quote:

Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.

Today, I took action on my vision and spent the early afternoon strolling around historic Fort Langley, a few miles from our farm. It is aptly called the birthplace of British Columbia and has the original Hudson's Bay Trading Post to prove it. I visited 'The Fort' as we called it, numerous times in elementary school and what remains in my memory was the gold panning. Such fun!

However, the cause for my travels today was due to our lovely weather, especially after three days of non-stop rain. It was much too nice to be in a mall, but excellent weather for shopping because sans rain coat, boots and umbrella I can actually change in and out of something under five minutes instead of fifty. Also, Fort Langley has quaint shops and the best antique store I have ever (and most likely will ever) know. The Fraser River and Coast Mountains are the beautiful backdrop of this town and everything was dusted with a wintry, golden sunlight. Need I write more?

Shoes: Fluevog Vancouver
Just as I was about to go out the door my Mom (therefore credited photographer of this post) suggested we take some pictures of my Sunday Stroll outfit and seeing that there is a Fashion component to this blog I readily agreed.

Savvy Stripes Sweater: Winners, What A Tight Weave Belt:
Hand-me-down, Colonel Mustard Shorts: Community Vintage

As soon as we had ventured into the front yard my shots were photo bombed by the ever attention stealing cat Conrad. Finally, to his great pleasure he was included in the final take, but not before rubbing against my tights, sitting on my shoes and batting the camera lens cover. I suppose I should be thankful that only he and not his four siblings ambushed the shoot. Had that happened my Mom and I would have been outnumbered two to five, covered in cat hair, most likely being sat on, with the camera being batted about and my camera case a new found cat fort.

Photobomber: Conrad the Cat
My afternoon concluded with a lunch at Fort Fish and Chips (we are close to Fort Langley but not close enough for delivery--which might be just as well). One piece cod and fries nourished my stomach and a cute sweater I bought nourished my soul.

What do you envision doing on those lovely "if I could do anything what would it be?" days? Share below!