Thursday, 28 February 2013

Coming Out of the Closet

I have been embarking on some room renovations after moving back home. This first month was a wee bit of a headache as I had 30% of my stuff in our living room, 60% scattering the floor and remaining shelves in my "old" room and the remaining 10% in my new room. Did I mention it was a headache?

Headache? This may be a migraine worthy mess.
I have nearly reached the end of my new room and my final hurrah was a closet organiser. Try as I might to punch in the measurements to Rubbermaid's online closet designer  my closest was a few feet shy of a walk in--but it would be the best reach-in possible.

I got my list of materials, went to the store and purchased a very long and lean box rattling full of bolts and bits although the outside bragged four easy steps for installing.
In theory this organiser was four steps, in actuality it was a lot more sweat, measuring and time consuming. Part of this experience was finding the studs in the closet wall for mounting. Dad proved to be his usual man-of-all-trades in helping to pinpoint them and now I can do it myself. However, this learnt skill did not come without a douse of disappointment: ladies "studs" are not as handsome as I thought but instead wood beams about 16 inches apart. They may not be swoon worthy but prove to be quite strong. 

Finding not so studly studs

I got everything drilled into place and other than the vertical tracks all else is movable (which, as Rubbermaid suggest, can accommodate your spring, fall and winter wardrobes). I believe my layout will be staying much the same; its somewhat like a house of cards with what I've managed to pack into my modest 6 by 2 feet of space. Move a shoe rack and who knows what might come clattering down.

Also, this exercise reminded me of my Grandma's poignant sayings: find a place for everything and put everything in its place. To do this I've done some purging: out went anything I haven't worn within a year, out went any shoes that caused a great deal of pain and chucked (or donated) were the pieces that leave me uninspired.
I have a few final touches but as much as I may pine for 62 feet of space, 6 by 2 feet of exceptionally organised space is just as good and much more attainable. Besides, I just found out about studs and don't plan on knocking them out anytime soon. 
Voila! A place for everything and everything in its place!